Five projects from Pleven district, including a project of CPMF, received funding from the America for Bulgaria Foundation

The publisher of www.posredniknews.com - Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation (CPMF) is among the organizations and teams that received funding as part of the "Next 10" program of the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) in support of important ideas.
The project of "Contemporary Pleven Media" is on the first of four main topics on which "America for Bulgaria" announced contests - "Good governance at the local level." It is entitled "Citizens for transparent local government in Pleven district" and the period of operation is from January 2021 to June 2022. The activities set in the project proposal include a review of the internal rules for managing the procurement cycle in the 11 municipalities in Pleven district; analysis of the public procurements published in the section "Buyer's profile" on the websites of the municipalities; evaluation according to the Twelve Principles of Good Democratic Governance at local level; trainings in Pleven for journalists and active citizens to monitor the publicity and transparency of local authorities and reporting corruption; surveys with business representatives and citizens on the topic of public procurement. It is planned to publish author's journalistic materials on the theme of the project – interviews, analyses and investigations - in posredniknews.com, in other local and regional media, as well as in those with national coverage.
It is gratifying that several more of the 62 approved out of a total of 310 projects submitted under the four sections of the ABF’s competition, have a Pleven address.
In the section "Good governance at the local level", among those funded by America for Bulgaria Foundation, is also the Association of Mayors of Town Halls in Cherven Bryag Municipality. Their "Mobile Legal Clinic" will rely on consultations from lawyers who are members of the Bar Association - Pleven. The teams of Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation and the Association of Mayors of Town Halls in Cherven Bryag Municipality have already established contact and will seek common ground for cooperation in working on their projects.
One of the 15 projects in the contest "Online Learning" is "Read and Succeed" of the primary school "Anton Strashimirov" - Bohot, Pleven municipality - a small school, but with great ambition and scope.
По конкурса „Туризъм по Дунав“ фондация „Америка за България“ финансира проектни предложения, които да допринесат за развитието на Дунавския район като привлекателна туристическа дестинация, с активни и жизнени местни общности. Тук две от одобрените идеи са от нашата област: на народно читалище „Напредък 1871“, град Никопол – „Дунав – хора, природа и традиции“ и на Дирекция на природен парк „Персина“ – Фестивал на къдроглавия пеликан“.
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