The history of Pleven comes to life. Memory for the noble Pleven families and the beautiful old buildings

Project „The history of Pleven comes to life. Memory for the noble Pleven families and the beautiful old buildings“ (https://www.facebook.com/plevenstories2018) is one of a total of 31 approved for funding by 425 applicants in the first edition, in 2017, of the initiative of Lidl Bulgaria „You and Lidl for a better life“. It was implemented thanks to this socially responsible initiative, in partnership with the Workshop For Civic Initiatives Foundation and the Bulgarian Donors’Forum.
The idea of the project is to revive in front of the young people of Pleven significant events and the names of prominent families from the history of Pleven after the Liberation, presenting them in an attractive way - through tourist tours on thematic city routes.
Fewer and fewer people in Pleven know that the first community center in their city - „Saglasie“ (i.e. consent), was established in 1869, a few months after the founding of a secret revolutionary committee, by a group of active citizens and marked the beginning of the local theater, philharmonic and archeological museum. Few people can list the buildings erected with funds from the largest donor in Pleven - Dimitar Konstantinov, in which he has invested not only part of his millions, but also his faith in the future. Only a few know who and for what built the building in which the Municipality is housed today, similar to whose palace is the Varbenova House, who inhabited the beautiful Viennese-style buildings on the Old Main street and in the city center. The families of the builders of modern Pleven are forgotten, such as Burdzhevi, Varbenovi, Stoyanovi, Konstantinovi, Chorbadjievi, Burmovi, Nestorovi, Obbovi. People with different professions - merchants, manufacturers, lawyers, doctors, writers, musicians, teachers, united by one thing - love and dedication to their hometown.
The team of our foundation, who developed the project, approached it with the conviction that young people should know the great achievements of their predecessors. Because this example can be their inspiration, but it is also important for the self-confidence of today’s residents of Pleven. In addition, as they learn more about the environment they live in, they will appreciate it more.
After collecting and processing a huge amount of information, five thematic rounds were created. They are called „Donors“, „Builders“, „Traders“, „Politicians“ and „Patrons“. Five types of 16-page, full-color brochures with the mentioned names were printed, in the middle of which is the map with the route, containing besides a description of the objects on it, many more interesting facts and photos.
For the period from September 18th to October 16th 2018 on each of the routes were conducted five tours with over 550 students from 3rd to 7th grade from 8 Pleven schools: primary schools „Hristo Botev“, „Patriarch Evtimii“ and „Edinstvo“, grade schools „Tsvetan Spasov“ and „Valeri Petrov“, secondary schools „Ivan Vazov“ and „Peyo Yavorov“ and the National School ot Arts „Panayot Pipkov“.
The role of guides was played by older students from Pleven, most of them - from the classes withthespecialty „Guide service“ in the Vocational School of Tourism „Aleko Konstantinov“ - Pleven, as well as volunteers from the local Youth Municipal Parliament.
After the tours were over the project was presented to members of the Advisory Board on Tourism at the Municipality of Pleven. The unanimous opinion of the experts is that the idea has a future.