Rober Schuman's declaration sounded in the assembly hall of PGPCHE - Pleven in French and German language

Another lesson on the project "Schuman's NEW Declaration - a conversation of generations about NEW Europe (nEU dec)" was conducted by the Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation (CPMF). It took place on April 29 at the Profiled High School for Teaching Foreign Languages in Pleven - School Ambassador of the European Parliament.
20 students from 9th grade, a class with learning foreign languages, with teacher Kalina Pirkova, psychologists at the high school Bistra Buneva and Elena Vasileva participated in the conversation.
"World peace cannot be maintained without creative efforts commensurate with the dangers that threaten it. The contribution that an organized and vibrant Europe can make to civilization is necessary to maintain peaceful relations ...

Europe will not be created all at once, nor following a single plan "- these historical phrases from the Schuman Declaration were heard at the beginning of the meeting - with the reading of the Declaration in French and German by ninth-graders Simona Savcheva and Viktor Hristov.

The President of the Board of Trustees of the CPMF, Ivanka Vateva, introduced the participants to the topic - the beginning of today's European Union, which took place on May 9, 1950 with the delegation read by Robert Schumann. The French foreign minister is proposing the creation of a coal and steel community as a means of deterring arms production and stopping wars. France is the first to call on their old enemy, Germany, to join the community. Although the idea was met with skepticism by many, it became a reality on April 18, 1951, with the signing of a treaty between Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France.

In a specially prepared presentation, in addition to Schumann's biography and other facts about the Declaration, the history of attempts to unite in Europe was presented - from the Middle Ages, through Victor Hugo's proposal for a European United States, to the 20th century. The Bulgarian contribution was also emphasized - in 1917 the Bulgarian Nikola Dimkov published his work "Star of Consent", in which he rejected the pre-war international order and the law of the strong, and proposed a Permanent World Council with representatives from all countries to meet in Mirograd - a specially built city that does not belong to any country.
Several questions on the presentation about the European Union as well, such as how many Member States there are, how many official languages and alphabets are used, provoked the thinking and knowledge of the students from the Language School. The most informed and resourceful received a gift - a notebook with the project logo.
The Schuman NEW Declaration project will enable young Europeans to look to the future from the perspective of the past and the historical experience of their fathers and grandfathers through presentations, talks, debates, interactive games and the creation of original texts.