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Project „NEW Schuman Declaration – Cross-Generational Conversation about a NEW Europe“

Europe for Citizens Programme
Strand: European Remembrance
Number: 618207-CITIZ-1-2020-1-BG-CITIZ-REMEM
Duration: 01.02.2021 - 31.07.2022

EDUCOMMART Meeting Point for Creative Education, Athens, Greece

Project „NEW Schuman Declaration – Cross-Generational Conversationabout a NEW Europe“ aims to generate ideas for the future of the European Union. It will link the past and the present to give young Europeans a powerful tool for building the future.

Today it’s more important than ever for the Europeancitizens, especially young people, to know what principles the EU is built on, what it does and how it works for its citizens. The generation that survived the tragedies of the 20th century and created the European community is passing away. The peers of the Schuman Declaration are 70 years old and most of them are out of active life. But through their personal memories they can explain to their young fellow citizens the major historical events, driving forces and goals that shaped the contemporary EU.

Through presentations, talks, debates, interactive games and creation of author's texts, the NEW SchumanDeclaration project provides an opportunity for young Europeans to look into the future from the perspective of the past and the historical experience of their parents and grandparents. The aim of the project is to encourage knowledge of European history and raise awareness of the transition to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe (1990), of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (2000).

Schuman's declaration put the combined production of coal and steel at the center because they were used to create weapons. 70 years later, coal is again on the table of negotiations, but now as a threat to the climate and human health. According to the latest Eurobarometer survey on the topic, for the first time climate change tops the list of top issues. One in three respondents (32%) wants the EP to set the fight against climate change as its highest priority. It ranks first for young people in Poland and Spain, second in Bulgaria and 4th in Greece (№1 is the fight against poverty).

By talking to contemporaries of the 1950 Schuman Declaration,the accession of their countries to the EU, and the changes in Central and Eastern Europe since 1990, young people will complement the lines of history textbooks with the experiences of "ordinary" people. They will also read the full text of the Schuman Declaration, which everyone has heard of, but few have read.

At the end of the conversation, a flashmob will be held - on the background of footage from the event in May 1950, the Declaration on the Establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community will be read - the first step towards the EU. The attendees will perform the Anthem of Europe accompanied by an orchestra / musician.
Exactly on May 9 we will announce an essays and drawings contest "MY SCHUMAN DECLARATION".

The contest is a model for returning to the "roots",a chance to realize how connected we are, regardless of which European country we live in today, that solidarity and movement in a common direction give us strength and perspective. Through the essays of participants from four Member States in the contest, we will gather the thoughts of dozens of young people - the opinions of the "people of the future" who will work in and for the EU tomorrow. We will unite the strongest messages in them in the final document of the project, which we will provide to the national representations of the EP and the EC and to the MEPs.

We rely on an innovative method - the puzzle room "Europe from legend to nEU",in this case doubly innovative because it is educational in nature. Young volunteers will take part in its creation and dissemination. The competitions in this puzzle room are a way to permanently remember what have been learned about European history from antiquity through the creation of the European Union to its present state.

The final event will be an International Conference in Pleven on May 9, 2022, with a Panel Discussion on "The Schuman Declaration and the Future of the EU". A wide range of participants – from different generations, with positive views

A wide range of participants – from different generations, with positive views on the EU, and Eurosceptics – will be invited to the project. The online options of the activities provide a chance for students with special educational needs and people with disabilities to participate also. We’ll rely on experienced and new volunteers in all activities.

„This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.“