Our story

Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation (CPMF) was established in Pleven in October 2014. It continues, in the form of online media the activities of the regional daily "Posrednik" (Mediator), published from 1991 to 2015. The team of the Foundation seeks intergenerational meetings and debates so that the European project can be presented as history and experience and be enriched with fresh ideas from young people. The sustainable joint development of the European countries and the strengthening of the dialogue between the citizens is a cause of the Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation.

Our mission

Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation continues the mission of newspaper Posrednik as an engine of social processes. The goals of the Foundation are to constantly, comprehensively and in the public interest inform about the news, events and processes related to and ensuring a full way of life, stimulating the citizens for active social dialogue. The Foundation promotes civic education, building and activating civil society.