Ivanka Vateva

Areas of expertise - Investigative journalism, Right of access to information, Local government

Philologist by education, journalist with 35 years of practice. For 24 years (1991-2015) editor-in-chief of newspaper "Posrednik" (Mediator). From 2011 to 2018 Coordinator for Pleven of the Access to Information Programme (AIP) Foundation, winner of the Coordinator of the Year award for 2012. Since 2015 organizer of discussions, interactive games, flash mobs, meetings and lessons on 15 different projects under the Europe for Citizens program and Erasmus +, intended mainly for students in grades 4 to 12. Excellent organizational and communication skills. Attracts active young people to volunteer in different project activities.


Zlati Vatev

Areas of expertise - Management of system processes and people, Internet communication, Marketing

Master of Physics. Extensive and many years of experience as a manager. Expertise as a publisher and polygraphist, with excellent computer skills. Convinced European: believes that in 2007, becoming a member of the European Union, Bulgaria made the most important decision in its recent history and that the solution to today's problems of the country, many of which are historically and economically determined, can to be achieved through in-depth study and careful application of the experience of the leading European countries. Worked as 2018 on municipal projects with European funding.


Kremena Vateva

Areas of expertise - Ecology, Public relations, Campaign organization

Bachelor degree in Philosophy, finishing now Masters in Ecology and Ecological Management. 15 years practice in journalism. Since 2015 works on different social, ecological, educational and cultural local and international projects. Volunteer and associate of organizations such as Greenpeace, Bulgarian Red Cross, TimeHeroes, Friends of the Earth. With a lot of experience in organizing volunteer campaigns, holding meetings, trainings, workshops and different forums with many diverse organizations – NGOs, institutions, authorities. "Activist of the Year" (2020) of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation for the protests "Sea without concrete".


Velina Vateva

Areas of expertise - Culture, Language translation, Working with disadvantaged children

Holds a Master's degree in Cultural studies from Sofia university St. Kliment Ohridski, and had studied Slavic philology with Polish language at the same university, fluent in Polish and English. Her translation of a Stanislav Lem's nonfiction text had been published in magazine Suvremennik and she had published short stories, also translated from Polish, in the online magazine Public Republic. Velina has experience as a journalist, has worked with children and teenagers and has also been a librarian. She had lived in Poland, currently she lives in the Scottish Highlands.


Ekaterina Vateva

Areas of expertise - Physical and mental health, Science

Since 2018, she has been a student at Medical University - Pleven. She graduated secondary education at the High School of Mathematics „Geo Milev“ - Pleven, in a class specializing in biology. She is a competitor in the Olympiade of Biology, and in 11th and 12th grade managed to achieve an excellent score of 5.50 in the national round of the competition. For her exemplary performance, she attended a specialized biology course twice, organized by Sofia university St. Kliment Ohridski. She has an excellent grasp of the English language, having a CAE certificate with a level of C2.