CPMF team participates in a partnership meeting in Granada under the Power of stories project

After an online meeting earlier this year and a significant amount of work done, the four partner organizations in the Power of Stories project (El poder de las historias) met in late September live in Granada, Spain. The project is funded by the Erasmus + program and has a term of April 2021 - September 2022.
The meeting was hosted by the project coordinator - AIFED - ASOCIACION DE INNOVACION, FORMACIÓN Y EMPLEO PARA EL DESARROLLO SOSTENIBLE (Association for Innovation, Training and Employment for Sustainable Development). All partners were represented: AUGUST VERMEYLEFONDS, Belgium, EYROPAIKO INSTITOYTO TOPIKHS ANAPTYKSHS, Greece, and CONTEMPORARY PLEVEN MEDIA FOUNDATION, Bulgaria.
The consortium reported on what has been done so far - studies in the four countries and the thematic grouping of the proposed inspirational stories. A plan was drawn up for the following activities, including the development of a functional manual with a methodology for theoretical training and practical work of older educators through storytelling, which has a rich tradition in Europe and around the world.

The team of our Foundation had the opportunity to present to the partners from Belgium and Greece, with whom we are working together for the first time, the winning projects under the "Europe for Citizens" program of the European Commission and previous activities in which the Spanish hosts participate. in Granada. We introduced our AIFED partners and others to our projects funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation and Lidl Bulgaria. You can learn more about all of them from the FSPM website - https://cpmfound-bg.org.
As part of the Power of Stories project, we will strive to use inspiring stories to ignite creativity in older people and to develop their resilience skills and ability to come up with innovative solutions to a variety of challenges. For this purpose, 2 intellectual approaches are developed: Research and collection of stories, as each partner conducts research at the local level (regional, national) and collects at least 15 stories that are relevant to the objectives of the project. Stories will be "tested" with groups of adults to see if they really matter to them and evoke feelings and behaviors. The second phase is the preparation of Modules of training courses. These training courses aim to enable adult educators to use storytelling to develop creativity, improve self-esteem and promote the social inclusion of vulnerable groups.
During the two-day working meeting in Granada, the project coordinators had tried to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural, culinary and architectural richness of the charming Spanish city. The biggest and most attractive attraction for tourists in Granada is the world-famous for its magnificent beauty ancient palace complex Alhambra, photos of which you can see in our photo gallery.

For the participants from the Contemporary Pleven Media Foundation, as well as for the representatives of the partner organizations from Belgium and Greece, and for the hosts from Spain, the meeting was extremely fruitful, full of exchange of experience and sharing of common values. and motivating for more joint projects that can really contribute to improving the way of life of local communities, and on a European scale.